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At Bosque Dental, we believe in exceptional, personalized dental care for every patient.

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Now Offering LANAP!

 Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) uses laser to target and remove diseased tissue. This means that you WON’T need to worry about scalpels (and sutures) and painfully removing gum tissue. Instead, LANAP provides a far less invasive procedure with faster recovery times. 

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General Checkups

From teeth cleaning to examining gums, bi-annual checkups are crucial for maintaining a smile that’s both healthy and radiant!

Emergency Dental

If you have suffered from any type of dental injury, whether traumatic or due to decay, Bosque Dental will provide the best care to restore your smile.

Orthodontic Care

By straightening your teeth with clear aligner therapy, you’ll not only improve the look of your smile, but your oral health, too!

Dental Implants

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With our in house scanner and 3D printers we offer SAME-DAY dentures. No more waiting weeks or even months to get your dentures. Get your exact fitting denture completed within 24 hours!


Now Offering Laser Pocket Disinfection!

Laser Pocket Disinfection (LPD) is a dental procedure provided by Bosque Dental is designed to target and eliminate harmful bacteria residing in these gum pockets, inaccessible through standard cleaning methods.

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Same-Day Crown and Bridge

With our in house scanner and dental milling unit we offer SAME-DAY crowns and bridges. No more goopy impression material and waiting weeks in a temporary. Get your crown and bridge done immediately! Call us at (505) 898-8011.

Free Exam & Xrays for new patients

Stress Less, Smile More

Combining experienced care with high-tech services, Bosque Dental is proud to help you show off your smile by specializing in all areas of oral care and emergency dentistry.

Bosque Dental Trusted Corrales & Albuquerque Dentist

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To be confident in the health of your family’s smiles, you must first be confident in their dental provider! Here at Bosque Dental, we pride ourselves on specializing in all areas of dentistry and offering you the luxury of having one, comprehensive dentist for the whole family. Our commitment to serving our patients is echoed in everything we do, and from same-day and Saturday appointments to individualized treatment plans, we make sure you get the care you deserve. Put your family’s health first and choose Bosque Dental in Albuquerque for healthy, beautiful smiles!