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Whether to repair a chipped tooth or brighten your teeth, cosmetic dentistry encapsulates a variety of techniques and procedures that are aimed towards improving the appearance of your smile! At Bosque Dental in Corrales, we’ve remained consistent with advances in modern dentistry and technology, and are proud to offer the latest cosmetic treatments to help enhance your smile and confidence. Everything we do supports systematic oral health, meaning that when you choose us to improve the look of your smile, you’re also improving its health and functionally, too!

A beautiful, confident smile awaits you—visit our Albuquerque cosmetic dentists today and discover the many ways we can enhance your smile!

Show Off Your Smile!

How do you want to improve your smile? This the first question you’ll be asked by our doctors. Your answer will not only provide insight as to what treatments may work for you, but will also help us target what specifically you’re wanting to correct. Do you want a brighter smile or a straighter smile? Are you wanting to restore the functionality of your teeth or repair a broken or missing tooth? Our cosmetic dental specialists, Dr. Foutz will listen to your concerns to recommend solutions and develop a personalized treatment plan for you! Cosmetic dentistry not only aids in improving the appearance and aesthetics of your smile, but also in improving its health and longevity. Below are some of the many ways our Corrales cosmetic dentists can makeover your appearance and confidence!

Crowns and Bridges

Depending on the severity of decay and damage to your teeth, crowns and bridges may be an option to restore your smile. Crowns are essentially a cap that protects the tooth and root, and typically last 20 years. If more than one tooth needs to be restored, bridges replace missing teeth by adhering to the adjacent teeth. At Bosque Dental, every crown and bridge are created in-house and are designed with our advanced digital technology, making it possible for patients to avoid the discomfort of goopy adhesives and have the procedure completed in its entirety in one to two hours.

Dental Implants

For some, a more effective and permanent solution is found in the strength and functionality of dental implants. Dental implants are customized porcelain components that best replicate the look and feel of a natural smile. Using our own digital scanner, we begin by taking a 3D x-ray of your mouth. This will provide us with a unique layout of your teeth, jaw, and mouth that we will then use to create surgical guides. Each of our surgical guides are made in-house using our high-tech 3D printer. In addition to guiding us exactly where the implant should be placed, surgical guides also make dental implant procedures safer and more effective.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Whether stained from food and drink or tinged from aging, we’ve acquired the latest technology and most advanced treatments to whiten your teeth and brighten your overall smile! We’ll also educate you on the necessary practices and lifestyles changes you should implicate to maintain your white, bright smile!

Other Treatments

There are a variety of other cosmetic dental treatments we offer that can restore the appearance of your smile, such as veneers, which are custom-made porcelain shells placed over missing teeth, and inlays or onlays, which are used to cover and repair the rear teeth from damage and decay. Additionally, we also offer orthodontic services such as Invisalign and clear tray therapy to straighten and align your teeth.

Smiles That Last a Lifetime

No matter if your teeth are stained, chipped, misaligned, or beyond—cosmetic dentistry services from Bosque Dental can help create positive, lasting changes to your teeth and smile! We go further than just improving the appearance of your smile, and offer procedures that also maintain its health and function—because we believe that the best smile, is one that you can be confident about for years to come!

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