Same Day Dentures Albuquerque

In the same way a healthy, happy smile can contribute to our quality of life, damaged smiles can diminish it. From difficulties while eating or talking to a lack of confidence, the state of our smile is reflected in our everyday lives.

At Bosque Dental in Albuquerque, we recognize your smile is a big part of you and your life, affecting your health, appearance, and beyond. Not a day should go by where you can’t smile with confidence—so don’t let it! Combining years of expertise with the latest technology, we’re proud to provide Albuquerque with same day denture services! Rather than waiting weeks or even months, you’ll receive your dentures within 24 hours, and leave our practice with a complete, beautiful smile and a renewed sense of confidence!

Quick, effective, and all done within a day—if you’re looking for same day dentures in Albuquerque, look no further than Bosque Dental!

Determining Your Need for Dentures

Whether from old age or injury, there are many reasons why a patient could require dentures. We invite you to schedule an appointment with Bosque Dental, so that Dr. Jonah Foutz can thoroughly examine your teeth and determine whether or not you’d be a candidate for same day dentures. Albuquerque patients who qualify, typically are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

  • One or more missing or severely damaged teeth
  • Shifting teeth or gapped teeth
  • Chronic toothaches
  • Red, swollen, bleeding gums (gingivitis)
  • Difficulty eating or talking
  • Poor oral hygiene

Ditch the Downtime—Smile NOW

Typically, a 24-hour denture procedure is divided into three phases; consult and extractions, fabrication, and insertion. Dr. Jonah Foutz will begin by examining your teeth, their condition, and the structure of your mouth. Before we begin making your denture, we’ll need a pre-authorization form your insurance. During this time, Dr. Foutz will perform preliminary back tooth extractions, if necessary, to remove any badly damaged teeth. When the pre-authorization has been approved, your dentures will be created in-house, customized to comfortably and naturally fit in your mouth. We’ll call you when they’re ready, which is typically the next day, and that’s it—your smile is restored! The care we provide is as unique as each patient and their dental needs, so treatment may vary on a case by case basis. Some exclusions may apply to 24-hour dentures, and details will be discussed at the initial consultation.

Don’t delay, get dentures without the wait at Bosque Dental!
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